Landscape Stepping Stones: 3 Types and Design Ideas

Landscape Stepping Stones

The sweet smell of Fall is in the air, and that doesn’t mean yard work has to end just yet. Landscaping stepping stones are a great way to update your yard and garden for aesthetic and practical value. There are three different types of landscape stepping stones and various design ideas. There are geometric designs and asymmetrical designs, each carrying their own benefits.

When choosing your type of landscape stepping stone and design, consider the feel and ambiance you are aiming to create as well as the size of your yard or garden. Are you using the landscape stepping stones in a strictly functional manner? Are you aiming to create the ultimate outdoor oasis to host your family and friends throughout the warmer months? Do you have limited space for your design, or do you have more yard to work with? Your answers to these types of questions will not only affect the design of your landscape stones, but also the type of stone you use. Here are the three different types of landscape stepping stones and design ideas for your yard or garden.

Types of Landscape Stepping Stones

Natural Stepping Stones

Natural stepping stones are a beautiful addition to any yard or garden. There are various types of stone collections available, such as slate, granite, sandstone, and flagstone in a variety of shapes and sizes. Generally, stones are cut between one to two inches. While natural stones can be cut into geometric shapes to provide a modern and clean feel, they can also be left in their irregular shape and assembled into a mosaic pattern. Mosaic patterns create a romantic and warm aesthetic. Haynes can create your natural stepping stones through our flat quarry rock.

Manufactured Stepping Stones

Manufactured stepping stones are man-made stepping stones, commonly made from brick, concrete, or rubber. These types of stones can provide more variety in color and design and are typically geometric since they are manufactured and are easy to use to create uniform patterns. Rubber stones are practical and environmentally friendly since they are made from recycled product. They are also slip-resistant when wet which makes them an ideal feature around water or in shaded areas. Haynes has many options of paver stepping stones available.

DIY Stepping Stones

Do you want to add a one-of-a-kind touch to your yard or garden? DIY stepping stones are a great way to do just that. There are many online tutorials and ideas to create your own stepping stones that reflect your personality and lifestyle. DIY stepping stones can also be used in combination with natural and manufactured stepping stones to add flair. Creating your own stepping stones is also a fun activity for the kiddos during summer break or to memorialize a life milestone.

Landscape Stepping Stones Designs

As the name suggests, the most common use for landscape stepping stones is to create a pathway in your yard or garden. Stones can be placed apart to expose grass, gravel, or mulch, or placed flush together to create a solid, uniform surface. Patterns can be geometric, asymmetrical, mosaic, or a combination. Different types of landscape stepping stones can also be combined to achieve your desired effect.

Bear in mind that your pathway can do more than provide a closer view of your prized rosebushes or a direct walkway from your back door to fence gate. Pathways can make the most uneven or sloped yards navigable and accessible by providing a safe walking option on your property.  

Landscape stepping stones can be used for more than creating a pathway. En masse, they can be an easy and affordable solution for a patio that is directly off your house or in another part of your yard.

Haynes can help you design the perfect landscape stepping stone design for your yard or garden. Whether you want to do it yourself with our materials or need the help, we have you covered. Haynes offers DIY stepping stones with bagged concrete, paver stepping stone (manufactured), and Haynes flat quarry rock (natural). Our group of experienced experts can help transform your yard or garden to exactly what you envision. If you can dream it, we can build it! For more information, visit us or contact our team today.