5 Popular Backyard Living Area Ideas that Will Extend Your Outdoor Seasons

backyard living area

Does your home or outdoor living space feel like it’s time for a remodel but that just sounds like too much of a hassle? Then what you need is a backyard living area. Yes, creating an outdoor living area sounds like it would be an enormous project, but there are ways to make it easy. Keep reading for five backyard living area ideas that can increase the space of your home without the disturbance of a full remodel.

Create an Outdoor Kitchen

If having to go inside at the end of the day just to cook dinner feels like an inconvenience, then consider adding an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen creates a backyard living area that extends your time with family and friends. You can choose a standard outdoor kitchen or work with Haynes to customize one. The choice is yours. You no longer need to spend time indoors cooking while your family and friends continue to enjoy the sunshine right up until dinner time.

Create a Backyard Living Area with a Firepit

Not only is adding a firepit to your backyard living area as a decoration a growing trend, but it’s an easy way to move cooking and entertainment activities outdoors. If your family loves gathering around a cozy fire all year-round, then a firepit is just what you need. This way you can keep creating all of those cherished memories surrounding a fire all year long. Plus, by adding a firepit to your backyard, you’re creating an additional space to gather. A firepit is also perfect for a simple date night or a fun night with the kids. Firepits are versatile and can be easily added to your backyard living area.

Build a Patio

Do you already have a backyard living area that you want to make a little more formal? Adding a stone patio to your yard will do just that. Stone patios are low-maintenance and easily customized. Designs include angular patterns, ledge patterns, and mosaic patterns – each created with the decorative stone you choose. Or, if you’re a weekend warrior who loves to tackle projects on your own, you can build your own DIY patio and have a new outdoor space to gather in no time.

Add a Pizza Oven to Your Backyard Living Area

Adding a pizza oven to your yard is one way to add functionality without taking up too much space. Pizza ovens are always a crowd pleaser – whether you have vegetarians, vegans, or meat lovers around. Another perk? Pizza ovens are energy and cost efficient! Are you wanting to add a pizza oven to your backyard living area, but only for a special occasion? Good news – you can rent a pizza oven. There really is no downside to adding a pizza oven, permanently or temporarily, to spice up your evenings with friends and family.

Create Multiple Outdoor Living Spaces

Are you reading through these ideas right now and want to add all of them to your backyard living area? Well, you can. Create the backyard living area that you’ll love and want to spend your time enjoying, whether that means cooking outside, gathering around a fire, sitting down to dinner on a patio, and more.

Haynes can help you create the backyard living area of your dreams for a reasonable price and with no hassle. There is a lot to consider when deciding how to expand your backyard living area, so speaking with experts will be beneficial in order to help your lawn and garden thrive. Ready to make your backyard living area into the space of your dreams? Contact us to request a quote today.