The Outdoor Kitchen Island: A Great Addition to Any Backyard

outdoor kitchen island

It’s finally spring, and what better way to add some fun to your life than by adding an outdoor kitchen island to your yard? At first glance, it might seem like a hassle or too much money, but we’re here to tell you that it’s not. We have a few options to choose from to fit perfectly with the vision of your dream backyard. Imagine how many warm spring and summer nights and weekends you can spend surrounding your new outdoor kitchen island and all the memories you’ll make.

If you’re a more practical person, then you’re in luck too. An outdoor kitchen island will add storage space and flexibility to your life. Maybe you want your kids to help you prep for dinner but hate cleaning up the mess that is sure to be made in the kitchen. You could take the prep work to your outdoor kitchen. It’s always more fun to be messy outside.

Or maybe you’re thinking that your yard isn’t big enough for an outdoor kitchen island. Lucky for you, you can custom build your island to fit your space and needs. You can create the space featuring a smaller outdoor kitchen island, or you can create an entire outdoor kitchen, including a refrigerator. The possibilities are endless.

However, all those possibilities can be overwhelming if you’re new to creating an outdoor kitchen. It might be best to start with an outdoor kitchen island and add on when you’re ready. Haynes offers two types of islands to choose from.

Standard Outdoor Kitchen Island

The most popular outdoor kitchen island by Haynes the Standard Outdoor Kitchen Island package. This package includes Summerset™ Professional Grills inserts and accessories. The outdoor kitchen island is wrapped in a thinstone veneer, which creates the rustic, stonework look you many find in a kitchen island. Upgrades are available, including adding granite counter tops and additional accessories. The best part about choosing a Standard Outdoor Kitchen Island? This package can often be delivered the next day, getting you one step closer to making those spring and summertime memories with your family and friends.

Premium Outdoor Kitchen Island

If you’re looking for something a little more specific, another option is the Premium Outdoor Kitchen Island package. This island is custom built by Haynes based on your specifications.  Each Premium Outdoor Kitchen Island package includes Summerset™ accessories to choose from to make your outdoor kitchen dreams come to life. If a custom-built outdoor kitchen island is for you, you can get in touch with Haynes today to explore your options.

No matter which outdoor kitchen package you choose, Haynes has you and your yard’s best interest in mind. Haynes pre-builds all of the different parts for your outdoor kitchen island so that assembling in your yard is easy and painless for you. Plus, all of the materials used by Haynes are locally sourced, decreasing your cost and shortening the length of time from contacting Haynes to enjoying an evening using your outdoor kitchen island. Every aspect of our outdoor kitchen islands is made by Haynes, giving you peace of mind that your new piece is just the way you want it. When considering value and ease, choosing either the Standard Outdoor Kitchen Island or the Premium Outdoor Kitchen Island are both smart decisions.

Interested in improving the look of your backyard by adding an outdoor kitchen? Check out our outdoor kitchen island options at Haynes and contact us to request a quote today.