5 Ways to Use Landscape Pavers in Your Backyard This Summer

landscape pavers

Do you envy the lawn and gardens you see on tv that look expensive and well put together? There are ways to create this same look with budget-friendly options. Let’s talk about one way. Landscape pavers, or hardscape as often referred, are a hassle-free and budget friendly way to create the elegant look that you’re craving. Not sure how to add landscape pavers to your yard? Haynes has you covered with 5 ideas to add elegance to any yard.

Frame Your Firepit with Landscape Pavers

Do you have a firepit and love to sit around it, but you’re tired of sitting on uneven ground? Create a small patio that surrounds your firepit with landscape pavers. Due to the multiple types of pavers available, you can easily accommodate an existing firepit. It is easy to work with a Haynes design specialist to not only choose the type of hardscape you want to use, but how to design the area surrounding your firepit depending on its design or shape. This not only creates a flat space for you and your friends to gather but is also a way to add elegance to a firepit.

Create a Retaining Wall

Hardscape is a great option when creating a retaining wall. Just because a retaining wall may be necessary, that doesn’t mean you have to make it plain. Adding a design element to your retaining wall using hardscape materials immediately adds a bit of style to your yard. A retaining wall can also be used to surround raised gardens that you have throughout your yard. Landscape pavers come in all shapes and sizes, so you can build a retaining wall for large or small areas.

Use Landscape Pavers to Perfect Your Pathway or Driveway

Do you already have a pathway or driveway that is made of concrete and feel like you’re stuck with it? Guess what – you’re not! Pavers can easily be installed over existing concrete foundations. Laying them over your existing pathway or driveway is an easy and low maintenance way to upgrade your pathways and driveways. You can not only add landscape pavers to these areas, but you can create designs within the pathway and driveway to add a bit of flair. Mix and match to create a unique design that is specific to your wishes.

Spice Up Your Patio

If you’re already thinking of upgrading your walkways, then you should also consider upgrading your patio. Just like with your walkway, you can add hardscape to an existing concrete base. You can also create specific designs to spruce up your patio. If you have a large patio, you can create different designs for different areas using the landscape pavers – helping to create the feeling that your patio is separated into different rooms.

Create a Water Feature Using Landscape Pavers

Hardscape materials are a great way to create a one of a kind water feature. Haynes can help add a water feature to your yard using landscape pavers. A small fountain, a large fountain, or a small pond can all be customized to fit your landscape. Hardscape materials are available in a variety of options, including stones for a more natural look. Creating a small fountain or pond with stone landscape pavers can easily transform your city home into a nature filled oasis.

Landscape pavers are a low maintenance option to upgrade the look of your yard. You can easily replace one or two pavers rather than replacing the whole area.

There are many landscape pavers to choose from. At Haynes, you can find many different hardscape brands including Techo-Bloc, Belgard, Nicolock, and Unilock. Each can be used for any of the ideas mentioned above, but speak with one of our professionals to make sure you are using the best materials for your yard and budget. If you’re interested in using landscape pavers in your yard, contact us to request a quote today.