Family owned for over 50 years...

From our quarries to our retail stores, we love the community that has been our home for over 50 years...

Born in 1929, Raymond Haynes wasn’t one for the confines of corporate walls. After serving two terms in the Navy and deciding he’d rather build offices than sit in one, he began odd jobs around New Haven County building decks, replacing roofs and remodeling homes. Joined by his brother Gene and equipped with a few pickup trucks, they built Haynes Construction Company from the ground up.

Haynes Construction Company flourished for about 15 years until Ray was ready to retire. With his 6 children pursuing their own interests, he had resigned himself to the fact that the company he and his brother built was most likely going to lay down its hammer.

Having originally gone their separate ways to pursue different career paths, Ray's twin sons Tom and Paul couldn’t ignore that carpentry and craftsmanship ran through their blood. They decided to build off what served as their own foundation, and took over the family business.

In 1985, the Haynes Brothers started where their father left off in the residential sector. They decided to move away from remodeling to new home construction and made the Haynes name once again prevalent within New Haven County. But they saw that even greater possibilities stood ahead and in the 80s, Haynes Construction Company turned to commercial work. Since that transition, Haynes has continued to grow and expand the scope of its operations.

Today, Haynes Group owns 5 quarries, 2 Redi-Mix concrete plants, 2 retail stores and several real estate developments and employs 100+ people.

Raymond Haynes, with sons Tom and Paul

That nail is worth a penny, you pick it up.

What started as their motto while sweeping floors in high school soon came to be the business mentality for twin brothers Tom and Paul Haynes. It’s this mindset that has given Haynes Group, Inc. its longevity within the construction industry.