What are the Eyes and Ears / Drivers in the Lead programs?

These are Haynes Group internal employee lead generation programs by which potential sales opportunities are found by employees and submitted to the Inside Sales team to organize, research and assign to a Salesperson. 

Drivers will be utilizing the ‘Drivers in the Lead’ point system and will be scored separately amongst themselves to keep the contest fair.  The rest of the team will be using the ‘Eyes and Ears’ scoring system.

 Outside Sales staff & sales coordinators will be vetting all leads, therefore are not allowed to participate in the contest. 

Goal of the program?

The more “Eyes and Ears” Haynes has searching for leads, the more potential sales opportunities Haynes has to elevate the company.  We are all in this together!

How does it work?

An employee sees, hears or discovers a potential lead and pass along the information by one of four ways:

>Visit and complete the Form Fill

>Phone: Call Sarah or Miriam at 203-888-8117


>Paper Submission: All managers will have copies of the paper forms.  Paper forms need to be submitted to Sarah or Miriam at Progress Ave.

What Information do you need?

Most importantly, include your name and employee number to ensure you get credit for your submission. Any and all info you can provide about a potential lead would be great.  Sometimes you may only have a contact name and company or an address you drove by and other times you may have pictures.  Pass along as much or as little as you have, and the sales team will vet for an opportunity.  Keep in mind, a sales coordinator might reach back out to you for more information, make sure to answer their questions to get the credit.  Below is a list of the information we would like about all potential opportunities. 

>Submitter Name and Employee Id#

>Project address

>Project info (IE; cleared lot, residential home build, construction site, pool install, Etc.) 

>Additional Information if applicable

What is a lead?

A lead is a potential sale! Keep your Eyes & Ears open for new construction, demolition, lots of trucks, cleared lots, etc.. A Sales Rep will talk to your lead to turn it into a sale!

What are the prizes?

At the end of each month, leads are tabulated for each employee. Cash prizes are given for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place ($100, $75, $25). Additional surprise gifts will also be included… for example, extra PTO time is up for grabs. Make sure to enter your leads and don’t miss out!

How do I know if I won?

You can monitor the ‘Scoreboard’ via and will also receive weekly contest updates by email.

What else do I need to know?

First lead received is the first lead counted, that submitter will receive credit.

You taking part in this program can help the company significantly. More eyes, more leads will equal more sales opportunities.