Paint Tips - For your Dining Room

Ace’s Design Experts, Katie Reynolds, Julie Richard and Nathan Fischer, provide their tips and recommendations for painting a dining room. Paint color recommendations are from the Clark+Kensington paint palette.

Katie Reynolds

  • Rich jewel tones can make a dining room feel luxurious and upscale. Try Sugar Plum 42C-6 for a pop of purple or Palm Frond 30D-5 for a deep shade of emerald green.
  • A beautiful ceiling pendant in a dining space can be a great focal point against a ceiling painted an accent color. Try Gone Glam 31B-6 for a punch of turquoise.
  • Dining rooms often feature beautiful molding such as chair rails, crown, and wainscot paneling. Highlight this feature by painting it a high gloss black. Try Midnight Stroll N-C16 for an intense hue of this color.


Nathan Fischer

  • A dining room painted in the right chocolate brown is always in style. When painting a wall chocolate brown, don’t be scared to go dark with a color like Star Anise N-W32.
  • If painting your dining room a darker, richer color, try to bring in a lighter trim color wherever possible. If you don’t have trim, find places to add color like door and window casings, larger baseboards, crown molding or built in cabinetry. Painting these a lighter or white color will give contrast to the darker wall color.
  • The dining room is the perfect place to try that daring color you love. If you’ree using a brighter wall color, it may be best to keep the other furniture and upholstery pieces in the space neutral or muted.
  • Adding a color to your ceiling is a great idea in a dining room. For a sophisticated look try Stormy Weather CW-C7, a very light warm gray, as your wall color and then add a darker color to the ceiling such as a neutral gray tone like Haven of Coziness N-C1 or  Magic Fountain 32A-2, a muted blue. This look looks best with crown molding to separate the two colors.

Julie Richard

  • Take risks in your dining room with color. Atmospheric, deep shades both stimulate the appetite and flatter guests. Try Star Anise N-W32 for a rich, deep hue of chocolate.
  • Consider painting the ceiling a color other than white as this will help create an intimate environment. Try a color like Counting Sheep 27A-1, a very pale shade of green.
  • Don’t forget to consider your lighting sources when choosing the paint color and be sure to add dimmers to all of your light switches.