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THE YEAR IS 1963 - 

John F. Kennedy was our president, a gallon of gas cost 29 cents and Surfin' USA by the Beach Boys is the most popular song in the country. A young and ambitious man from Seymour, CT had just returned from two terms in the US Navy and he wanted to start his own business. With a little money in his pocket and the ability to build just about anything, Raymond and Gene Haynes started Haynes Construction. Haynes brothers would work on any job they could get their hands on, roofs, decks, carpentry work or patio ... if you can think of it they could build it. Back when your handshake was your contract, the Haynes Brothers valued service and satisfaction above all else. For the next 15 years, the company flourished, but they never lost sight of their core values of Honesty, Kindness, and People.

Raymond Haynes with Twin sons Tom & Paul.

Raymond Haynes with Twin sons Tom & Paul.

With 6 children pursuing their own interests, Ray was ready to retire and spend more time with him family. At this time, Ray was forced to face the harsh reality that the company that he and his brother had built from the group up, was likely going to lay it's hammer down. Having originally gone their separate ways to pursue different career paths, Ray's twin sons Tom and Paul couldn’t ignore that carpentry and craftsmanship ran through their blood. They decided to build off what served as their own foundation, and took over the family business.

In 1985, the Haynes Brothers started where their father left off in the residential sector. They decided to move away from remodeling to new home construction and made the Haynes name once again prevalent within New Haven County. But they saw that even greater possibilities stood ahead and in the 80s, Haynes Group turned to commercial work. Since that transition, Haynes has continued to grow and expand the scope of its operations. 

Today, Haynes Group Inc. owns 5 quarries, 3 retail stores, manages several real estate developments and employees over 200+ employees. For over 50 years we have built our name and reputation serving our community and providing premier solutions in construction, materials and masonry, and now we are proud to announce our partnership with one of the biggest names in the home improvement and hardware industry, ACE HARDWARE!

On November 22, 2016 we are proud to announce the opening of Haynes Ace Hardware in Quarry Walk at Oxford Town Center. Haynes is proud to offer the brands you trust and the name you know, to the service you have come to expect.  Haynes Ace Hardware will be the place to go for premium brands like Big Green Egg, Yeti Coolers, Traeger Grills, and Craftsman Tools. We will always have a full stock of positive attitudes, dedication to customers, and good humor as well as genuinely caring for you!